A Follow-Up on “Is It Tough Being a Friend”

I meant to post this sooner, but IRL stuff halted both my translating work and my ability to put this out.

So, after reading your comments on the previous announcement, I’ve decided to finish volume 2 of “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs” before resuming “Is It Tough Being a Friend”. It seems like that’s what most people want, and it makes the most sense anyways.

So, the novel is being placed on an “On-Hold” status once again.


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20 thoughts on “A Follow-Up on “Is It Tough Being a Friend””

  1. Ok let’s try this spoilers again

    it’s hard to find Japanese completed isekai LN though ????

  2. Ahh…. Tough Friend…. I remember on the last chapter our MC getting NTR’ed by his doppelganger… I hope that’s not the case….

  3. Thanks for the update. Hope things settle down for you soon. Just drop a quick post or message saying dealing with issues IRL and will be really busy for a while every now and then if get swamped. Remember one translator who dropped off grid due to IRL issues but never responded to anyone or dropped a note for 8 months so a lot of fans were starting to get really worried about him. Turned out was swamped and really busy but otherwise ok. So please, take care of your health first, and if going to be too busy to translate for a while just drop a quick note to let everyone know. Thanks again.

  4. And don’t worry, we will wait! As long as if you wan us about hiatus if you ever decide to take one. And at least the translator didn’t just suddenly disappear. Cough cough. Vermillion. Ahem.

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