Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v2 Chapter 2 Part 3

“OK, the first clue is that the heroine is in love with the MC.”
“It’s NTR.”
“No, it’s not NTR.”
“Not NTR. Give me second clue.”
“OK, the second clue is that is that someone else admires the heroine.”
“No, it’s not NTR…”
“Not NTR. Sorry, third clue.”
“The genre of this novel is romcom.”
“Heroine loves MC, someone else is an admirer, is a romcom. It’s NTR!”

Two days have since passed.

When I reached the front of the station at the arranged time, Ryuuga, Kyouka, and Kurogame were already there. Since the Hinomori and Kurogame households are next to each other, it seems they came here together.

“Good morning, Ichirou! It’s a relief that it’s sunny today!”

In public places, Ryuuga’s tone of voice is that of a guy’s. She’s wearing a polo shirt with cotton pants, and of course, her chest is tightened by a sarashi.

Furthermore, her face was shining brightly like the sun in the sky. I’m sensing that she can’t help but look forward to today.

“Alrighty! Ii is here too, so let’s go!”

With Kurogame’s spirited voice, we headed towards the train that would make its way to Chigayama.

In the train, Kyouka said to the tortoise, who had already brought out sweets to eat, “You’re fast, Rina,” with a smile while stuffing her face.

Ryuuga looked at them and said “Jeez,” with a broad smile. Having her sit next to me is fine and all, but her tightly clinging to me is going too far. This is completely going along the lines of Ryuuya and Jirou now.

(I was feeling a bit reluctant just before, but…now that I’m here, this might turn out to be fun.)

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed myself at the mountains. Furthermore, I’ll be staying over with three cute girls.

Needless to say, the Hinomori sisters’ looks are well-proportioned, but the same goes for Kurogame too. Today, she’s wearing a sunflower-design camisole, which matches well with her innocent self. Though, I feel unsure about how the hems of it reveal her tights from time to time.

(Since this is the long-awaited swimsuit event, I may as well enjoy myself and forget about that final boss ordeal.)

──However, such a merry feeling only lasted until I entered the mountain.

As I looked back at the people who were similarly here to hike, Ryuuga and the others were deviating off of the hiking course and pushed their way through an animal trail. Furthermore, their feet were gradually getting faster, and when the path was gone, they started climbing trees and progressing forward by jumping from branch to branch.

(This ain’t right! This isn’t the leisure that I know of!)

I’m already frantically trying to keep up with them. If I miss even one step, then I’d dive head first into the ground…and with this high of a height, it’s likely that I would get a bone fracture. This is an unbelievably risky for a picnic.

(Slow down the pace a little! Are we really going to enjoy ourselves at a river after this? With how many battle experts there are here, wouldn’t you all agree that this isn’t the strength high school girls would have?!)

While I made such a scream in my mind, the girls nimbly went across the trees like mountain monkeys.

I should also mention that Ryuuga is carrying Kyouka on her back. It seems that her sister is the only person she can gauge the limits of.

“You’re amazing, Ii! You’re able to keep up with us!”

Far ahead, Kurogame, who was at the lead, let out a voice of admiration.

“Right? Right? Ichirou is amazing!”

In response, Ryuuga answered back boastfully. She’s completely gone back to her girl mode now.

…This went on for about twenty minutes. Then, we had finally arrived at our destination.

I believe we’re about half-way up the mountain at a spot devoid of trees. There stood one large, conspicuous lodge.

It’s newer than I thought, it was a wooden cottage that was bigger than my own home. Right next to it was a mountain stream, which was a surprisingly clear body of water. I could see the outlines of whitespotted char, and it seems a self-sufficient.

“Now! Let’s swim, let’s swim!”

Ignoring me, who was completely exhausted, Kurogame said “And I’m off,” and charged into the lodge. What endurance that tortoise has. I wonder how much HP she has.

“Ichirou, it’s fine to rest if you’re a bit tired. You can drink the water from the stream.”

As I was lying down on the ground, Ryuuga bent down to say so. Then, her fingers suddenly grabbed and raised something from my head.

It was a rhinoceros beetle. It seems that it got stuck on me at some point along the way.

“It’s a pretty tough route for a first-timer, isn’t it? Was it difficult for you, Ichirou?”

“Yeah…I’m gonna rest here until you all are done changing your clothes…”

“Watch out for bears. Though, since you’re able to drive off the apostles, you can probably win against one easily, Ichirou.”

Cracking a smile, Ryuuga went into the lodge with Kyouka.

“I’m begging you, treat me like a normal person…”

I made such a complaint while my arms and legs were outstretched. I breathed in the fresh, clean air in order to cleanse my lungs.

On close inspection, there was also a giant stag beetle on my elbow.


It didn’t much time for the leisure at the river to start.

When I tried entering the mountain stream, it was deeper than I thought, but considerably gentle. Since it’s like this, I don’t think I’ll drown.

“Take this, and that!”

“Kyaa! Stop it, Rina.”

“Rina, I’m your opponent.”

Three beauties were being merry while splashing water amongst themselves. I submerged myself in the water up to my shoulders, like I was in a bath, and spectated the charming situation.

(It finally turned into the normal kind of leisure…all things considered, summer really is a time for swimsuits.)

Kurogame was wearing her school swimsuit. It seems she doesn’t really care for dressing fashionably. Her chest is flat, but I think her bottom and thighs score full marks. There would certainly be enthusiasts out there wanting her.

Kyouka was wearing a swimsuit with frills and an outer-garment attached. She said that she doesn’t want to get any amount of tanning if possible. Since she has more of a chest than Kurogame, I suppose that there’s not much of a need for concern regarding her.

…With that being said, the most pleasing to look at was Ryuuga, as expected.

She was wearing a bright red, tube top bikini with an adult-like degree of exposure which surpassed that of the other two. Her huge breasts looked like they were going to burst, her waist was slim, her hair clinged onto her soaked back…and furthermore, since she was wearing a low-rise bikini bottom, a small part of her bottom was visible.

(I know that I shouldn’t be looking at Ryuuga with these kinds of eyes, but…her swimsuit really is bold.)

Nevertheless, what attracted my eye the most was not Ryuuga’s swimsuit, but her abdomen.

To be more precise, it was her naval.

There was a lovely, small opening in her slim belly…actually, I liked it very much before already. That’s right. Don’t tell anybody this, but I have a navel fetish.

──Navels are nice. Each person has one with a varying shape and depth, giving an unexpected individuality to them. Despite being a very charming part, they’re not restricted at all. Idols, classmates, beautiful ladies, and little girls can show as much of it as they want and it would raise no problems.

While I’m on this topic, I also had wanted a look at Kurogame’s and Kyouka’s navels. It’s unfortunate that they’re wearing dress-type swimsuits. Surely, beauties like them wouldn’t have navels inferior to Ryuuga’s.

Well…that’s fine.

(Ohooooo! Ryuuga’s too cuuuuuuuute!)

That just now was an “Evil Spirit” being exceedingly loud. He had raised an excited yell inside my head.

(Terrific! Erotic! Ryuuga’s E cup! Ryuuga’s bottom! Ryuuga’s navel! Ryuuga’s──)

(Zip it! Stay silent for a bit!)

Immediately following my reprimand was Taotie trembling and shaking inside my body. So he’s able to do such a thing like this?

(Boss! Swap with me! Swap with me!)

(E, enough already! Let me say this, you have to properly be a final boss for me to let you!)

(I understand! So swap with me! Let me join the in the water!)

After he made his appeal in tears, I reluctantly told Ryuuga and the others “Excuse me for a bit,” and returned to the lodge. Then, I entered the room assigned to me.

The room was about ten tatami mats big, and was a comfortable area that was more furnished than I thought, with a bed and desk included. Besides the dining room, there are five other private rooms in the lodge identical to this one. Furthermore, the lodge is even complete with a terrace, viewing platform, and basement storage.

…It seems that Kurogame Rina’s household is operating some kind of ancient Japanese martial arts dojo.

This lodge was primarily a facility for training in the mountains. Due to that, there are quite a few things that we can’t freely do.

I suppose that along with her strength, she was also gifted with being able to train here. At any rate, they own branches overseas, and hold a history that wouldn’t lose to Aogasaki’s swordsmanship dojo, leading to some kind of famous school being set up. It’s called the “Kurogame School of Archelon Fist,” but I don’t really grasp what that name means.

“Listen Tie, never let out your ill will, okay? Take my usual self as your role model, be completely innocent, charming, and──”

As we were swapping places, I once again gave him a warning.

The presence of Taotie’s ill will was already gone. I heard the entrance door being vigorously opened, and the sound of footsteps running outside. Then a few seconds later──

“Kyaa! I, Ichirou! Why did you change into a swimsuit like that?!”

From the direction of the stream was Ryuuga’s high-pitched shriek. Don’t tell me that Taotie did something…!

“Ii! What’s that in your groin area?”

“K, Kobayashi is a pervert! Sister, cover your eyes with your hands, and don’t peek through the gaps between your fingers!”

When the shrieks of Kurogame and Kyouka came next, I immediately cowered in my location and was at my wits’ end.

“What do you think?! Quite dandy in my opinion! Yellow-green is in fashion, but I purposely went with a leopard print!”

When that “Evil Spirit” returns, I’ll deal him a hard blow. I’ll definitely deal him a hard blow.

“So~, Ryuuga! I’m going to catch you~”

“Nooo, how scary~”

“I’m Ichirou, the evil demon~”

“I won’t let you win with that~”

“I’m going to eat you up~”

“Aah~I’m going to get eaten.”

Naturally, I couldn’t get out there. I hid in my room while holding my breath, having no choice but to listen to those cheerful voices.


(What sickening love birds they are…)

The protagonist and final boss are on good terms and enjoying themselves at a stream. All while playing around with giggles and chuckles.

Is this really okay for part two?

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