Lonely Attack on the Different World

Lonely Attack on the Different World Prologue

TLN: Been thinking about this novel as well as “The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs,” but I don’t think tackling three LNs at once is a good idea. I might choose to do one, the other, or maybe neither.
Sorry if the translation seems a bit stiff or inaccurate. This prologue uses some syntax that’s way more complex than I’m used to.


Circling around my head like a revolving lantern were the memor…memories of my original world? Actually, it seems that I don’t have many.

“You’re one of those classmates I’ve forgotten about or whatever. I don’t remember you, but I do remember that I forgot about you. Something like that?”

“Damn it, why? Now that it’s come to this, I’ll unleash as many trump cards as it takes against you! An incompetent like you!”

He was reluctant in wasting his precious skills, which he had a limited number of uses of, in order to kill me. So, he was racking his brains over how to accomplish the task with the minimum number of skills. Though it seemed that it was best to keep the invocations for powerful skills up his sleeves in case of an emergency, he had already run out of options.

After all, neither her nor I play a leading role in this parallel world…yet even so, we were going to do just that on behalf of our classmates. Since there’s a valueless, nameless supporting role companion in the midst of the killings, yet they act like a protagonist, doesn’t that indicate an error in the calculations? If the end result is wrong from the start, then didn’t the calculation process go wrong somewhere?

This is not an equation that will result in him being the strongest. This is the end, the equation’s solution.

“Goodbye. Whoever you are…”

The act of killing a classmate who wanted to be invincible by copying all sorts of skills. As he raised hell, protruding swords, invoked skills, and fired magic continued to tear and destroy my body. However, he screamed like a crazed madman.

“Why?! This is absurd, it just isn’t right. You should have been killed many times over by my calculations! Just die already!”

In a world of swords and magic, mathematically-calculated and reliable skills can combine with attacks that hold a high chance of finishing someone off, creating an inescapable multi-attack. Like I said though, it was pointless. There’s an error in the calculation. Well, I suppose it’s just bad lack.

“I have no need for your leftover, shoddy skills, disappear! Stop kidding me!”

He bore a grudge against me, playing the waiting game while holding skills that were 100% sure to kill me. He continued to make the most effective, perfect attacks according to probability theory. I wish he could just fire everything. If he did that, at least it would be over without dying right now and I would be the one doing the killing.

As his complacency kept dwindling, he was struggling to put my body out of order through his manipulation skill. My body has already gone out of order a long time ago, you know?

He glared at the stick of wood I was carrying above my head, not able to understand. Even with his cheat-like sword, he couldn’t kill me, his prideful magic shield was torn up, and the magic he continued to fire was nullified. Seeing me about to swing the wooden stick downwards made a display of how incomprehensible things are after coming to this world and how calculations have no meaning. This other world is always full of nonsense, so in that case, they certainly can best your calculations, right? Whoever you are.

While firing his deadly multi-attack skill towards me, he groaned “Guh,” in annoyance as he destroyed my body. I only have shoddy skills which aren’t worth stealing, and it seems he’ll suffer a heavy loss of precious skills by trying to kill me. With this, he’s exhausted his cheat skill that snatches other classmates’ skills by killing them. And even then, he wasn’t able to kill me, making it a heavy loss.

Everything from my left wrist and up was gone, my elbow was broken, left to dangle, my face also seemed half burnt to a crisp, and that technique just now cut off my foot, but even so, I kept walking. Seeing that, he opened his eyes wide while blankly starting, only letting out a mumble.


It seems that I became a monster after being indecipherable. He couldn’t find any answers using his prideful calculation ability, which in other words means that he couldn’t comprehend the meaning of the deceit going on.

For mathematical geniuses, a world where 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2 will treat them like fools, and their probability theories will definitely fail. This is a world where the dice will roll an “M,” you see. Anything other than 100% can mean 0%, and at the same time, anything can happen if the probability is above 0%.

He’s a genius who can calculate the right answer in an instant, so I have to cut off his chances right from the get-go. Taking measures, I foiled his moves, crushed his preparations, watched out for traps, tricked him, fooled him. His chances turned into chaos by the middle stage, and made the outcome of the endgame simple. Then, his simple calculations on how to kill me no longer worked in the endgame. I became a monster by that point and his probability-thinking ability was increasingly reaching its limits.

His calculations were infinitely increasing, and when he tried to work them out, his equations were breaking down. He reached a computational overflow. He honed his sixth sense to conduct analogical reasoning and see into the situation. He couldn’t calculate the prediction for rolling a die that he didn’t know the contents of, he didn’t grasp the conditions for making 1+1 equal 2, he was making calculations without defining even one variable, resulting in a meaningless answer.

I then swung the wooden stick downwards, which was probably the only calculation he got right. His HP turned to 0, his magic wall and cheat-like armor have lost their meaning, but it seems he didn’t understand why.

Pretty unfair, isn’t it?

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  1. That depends on the manpower you manage? I think the best number is up to two per person. More than so will probably afect your dailly life(work, socialising, family) and your health. And given that you are not precisely making a profit from this… then why so? Also, keeping you healthy benefits us leatchers in a way? so I vote u pick one

  2. I’d say the best option would be to slowly work on mob character as you focus mainly on friend, and after you finish mob character you could consider going back to this one. Not that it’s bad or anything, it just doesn’t seem to draw me in as much as the other two did, given the prologue is out of context.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. tbh i would like if you focus on translating Friend just like before rather than adding more project..
    thanks for you translation..

    1. Sadly i would have to agree… was looking forward to another chapter since i enjoy Friend as well and getting chapters daily is nice. Not exactly sure where this story is going from the prologue. Well it’s all up to 2slow2latemtl in the end on what he feels like translating.

  4. Just come back to this one later. I have read some of the web novel of this by Google translation and it’s a slow start, but I’m not sure if the LN fix that. It is still interesting because unlike every other MC that get stun or happy when they see a magical summoning circle, this MC actually tries to run away from getting summon.
    Illustrations: https://kuuderesuki.wordpress.com/2018/07/07/hitori-botchi-no-isekai-kouryaku-volume-1-illustrations/

  5. Thanks for the chap
    I don’t think the battle in wn version ever this detailed, its come from the ln version i guess

    Actually, im suprised u actually DARED to pick this novel as candidate, due its full of nonsense that haruka LOVE to say. I tried translating myself and gave up after few paragraph of his nonsense rambling. Its that thing that u ROUGHLY understand what he say, but have hard time translating it PROPERLY while bringing out his randomness in form that other people can understand. Not to mention to brought up all those not so funny puns he often says into form that other understand. Its tough, man.

    Well, for the people who know read the wn raw, its doesnt matter whether its r15 or r18, you wont encounter those scene anytime soon anyway – still quite long before his first “woman companion” Appeared in story. So dont be too expectant about it

  6. In a world of swords and magic, mathematically-calculated and reliable skills can combine with attacks that hold a high chance of finishing someone off, creating an inescapable multi-attack. Like I said though, it was pointless. There’s an error in the calculation. Well, I suppose it’s just bad ‘lack’. It is luck not lack but oh well.

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