Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? Chapter 1 Part 6

After that one case at the karaoke center, I’ve had a slight change in my awareness.

It was a desire to see “battle scenes of Ryuuga and the others.”

Perhaps it might be better to know the abilities and storyline of Ryuuga and the heroines? That was what I was thinking about.

(I got a bit flustered when Elmira was about to reveal herself, but it shouldn’t be a hindrance to the story if it’s just me that secretly knows.)

If gather various information, I won’t carelessly get tangled up with the main story anymore. Using that knowledge, I can preemptively avoid getting deeply involved.

Besides, sometimes the daily life part is closely intertwined with the battle part.

If I know what enemies he’s fighting against, I can also disguise my hints for how to beat them as senseless ramblings. By knowing the affairs of the main story, more effective conduct is possible.

Even as a minor character, if I can know the entire script, I can deal with whatever drama ensues.

I’m satisfied with my current position, but I shouldn’t lose my ambition.

Kobayashi Ichirou is a friend character──but he should also gradually be progressing.


For that reason, I’m often spectating battles from the shadows now.

My aim is the pattern of when Ryuuga slips out of the classroom.

I can’t do much about fights outside of the school or ones that suddenly pop up in the middle of the night, so I gave up on those. Well, it would be too risky to peep every single time.

(It seems that Ryuuga’s companion characters are only the three major heroines.)

There are cases similar to the one at the karaoke center the other day, but Ryuuga and the others basically take on battles as a party of four.

They are Hinomori Ryuuga, Yukimiya Shiori, Aogasaki Rei, and Elmira McCartney.

Likewise, the three are the ones closest to the position of the main heroine. Ryuuga is a herbivore, so it might be hard, but I wish them all the best of luck. As long as things don’t cause the parental rating to change.


At a riverbank during the evening, a peculiarity that looks a lot like bear roared.

With a great speed that was unbefitting for its large build, it energetically rushed forward towards the four high school students in the way. However, something happened once the distance reached a few meters.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

The sound of a bell echoed within the unpopulated riverbed.

“East wind melts the ice, bush warblers singing, fish emerge from the ice.”

Then there was a woman’s dignified chanting, and the peculiarities movements evidently became slow. Trying to force its way through, its arms and legs looked like they were in slow-motion.

“Rain moistens the soil, mist starts to linger, grass sprouts and trees bud…Now’s the time, everyone! If you get injured, don’t push yourself and come back to me!”

──Yukimiya Shiori. “The Shrine Maiden of Life.”

She’s what’s known as a healer. She can heal the wounds of herself and others when she touches them with her hands.

Due to her special qualities, her role during battle is exclusively for support. Her dedicated item is a “Kagura Suzu” and when she rings it, she can weaken an apostle’s movements (TLN: A Kagura suzu is basically a set of bells attached to a stick, and is used for Shinto rituals)

(That incantation seems to be about the 72 microseasons of the year when Googling it.)
[TLN: All of those phrases Yukimiya chanted corresponded to one of the microseasons]

In a flash, one shadow rushed towards the peculiarity, whose movements were sealed.


Like a flash of lightning, a wooden sword sliced at the peculiarities’ left side.

Its sharp claw danced in the air with trails of blood, then tumbled onto the ground. Soon after that, it melted and then eventually evaporated.


“Did you think this was just a wooden sword? Nothing is impenetrable when I strengthen the blade with my ability!”

──Aogasaki Rei. “The Swordswoman of the Beheading Dance.”

She can clad her sword blade in a void and cut through anything.

She swings her dedicated item, the “Blade of the Sacred Tree.” She’s a genuine battle member that takes the initiative to rush towards the enemy. If going by pure fighting strength, she’s second only to Ryuuga.

(Come to think of it, back when I was peeping on her, Aogasaki threw that wooden sword and it pierced a tree…so even though it’s made from a sacred tree, its strength is unimaginable. What was she thinking when she was throwing it?)

Aogasaki turns around as if she’s dancing, and instantly unleashed a second attack.

The peculiarity hardened its fur, then began randomly firing needles of them.

“Gwa ha ha! Fool! Let’s see if you can avoid these at this rang──”

Something happened before the peculiarity could finish its surprisingly fluent speech.

The countless fur strands it shot out all burst into flames at once. A swarm of will-o’-the-wisps flew in and turned the strands entirely into ashes.

“I’m here as well, bear-like apostle.”

──Elmira McCartney. “The Blood-kin of Eternal Darkness.”

I’ve already tired myself out by saying this, but she’s a vampire. She’s a mid-range attack type and can control blood as she pleases, such as converting it into flames.

Even her own blood can work as an energy source, but it’s more efficient for her to get her supply by bloodsucking. That’s why she asks for blood. She seems to find Ryuuga’s blood especially delicious.

(She at first regarded Ryuuga, who had the ‘dragon king’ dwelling within him, as dangerous and infiltrated the school to eliminate him. But after that, she reconciled with him and became a companion. She’s established as a devilish character that tries to suck Ryuuga’s blood whenever the chance arises, or something like that…she incessantly talks far too much as if nobody is listening)

Before long, the flames ignited the enemy’s body, turning the peculiarity into a burning daruma. (TLN: So a daruma is a type of doll and there’s this ceremony where they get burned at around New Years)

“Gya, Gyaaaaaa!”

Trying to withstand it, the brown bear-like apostle heads towards the river with its slowed down speed. It seems that it wants to jump into the water to extinguish the fire.

Seeing that, the three heroines promptly shouted.

“I leave this to you, Hinomori!”

“Get going, Ryuuga!”

“Do settle this splendidly, Ryuuga.”

Not needing to wait for their cues, the star performer had already broken into a sprint.

He ran at a speed the eyes can’t even keep up with, then leaped unbelievably high. His body was wrapped in a gold aura, taking into the form of dragon from his back like what I saw the other day.

“Unleashing divine might──’Dragon King,’ become one with me and slaughter our opponent!”

In the next moment, a golden comet dropped down from above the peculiarity’s head.

A roaring explosion. The atmosphere trembled. What’s more, the cloud above its head whirled in circles. It was a powerful effect.

(Ooh…its still amazing no matter how often I’ve seen it)

──At last, there’s Hinomori Ryuuga. “The Successor of the Dragon King.”


To describe it in a few words, this guy can do just about everything.

He can produce flames, clad something in void, and can do some healing as well. He’s unparalleled to the point that it would make someone go “Wouldn’t you be fine by yourself?”

Of particular note is that he can turn bombard something with bullets of light that he formed…nicknamed “Dragon Fang (that’s what I’m calling it).” It has a bit of an overwhelming power and is a move that can finish things in one attack.

However, according to my investigations, Ryuuga has not yet mastered the complete power of the “Dragon King.” So during that incident before, it seemed like was actually going to get swallowed up by that power. Even so, he’s still plenty strong.

“Thank you, Hinomori.”

“Today you were able to unleash it for six minutes. You’re able to control it well, Ryuuga.”

“I was able to buy some time for him…”

The heroines rush up to Ryuuga, whose aura now dispersed, and surround him.

Ryuuga made a refreshing smile and said “Thank you, everyone.”

“Ah, Hinomori, there’s blood on the back of your hand…let me heal you at once.”

“Wait, Shiori. Don’t use your powers for a cut of this level. Let me take a look, Ryuuga. I’ll wrap it with a bandage.”

“Wait right there. Let me get a taste.”

It’s right after the battle, and they’re already being merry and flirting around with Ryuuga.

…Aside from that, the brown bear-like apostle has disappeared without a trace.

Just like the apostle he defeated in the parking lot, it could no longer retain its solid form. Six minutes kind of feels of overkill.

(All the same, Ryuuga is really cool.)

He’s a splendid protagonist who never backs down no matter what. Next time when I meet him in the classroom, I’ll I think I’ll use honorifics. As long as he’s here, this world will be safe.

Fight on, Ryuuga. Don’t lose, Ryuuga.

Please protect our world full of hope. Along with your three servants.


The results of spectating the battle parts were considerably big.

I’ve identified the general abilities of the main characters. I also know a rough concept of the enemy.

They are “Apostles of Hell,” inhabitants of the spirit world.

A couple hundred years ago, a door to this world opened, and they began their invasion, but they lost and the door was sealed. However, there’s recently been a warp in the space-time within this town, and a number of apostles once again started invading.

Beast-like things, fish-like things, bug-like things, they came in various forms. It seems they can also take the form of a human body.

The “Apostles of Hell” are planning to revive their fallen king, the “Evil Spirit.”

In other words, this “Evil Spirit” is the final boss of this story.

Thinking about it, it’s very likely that the revival of the “Evil Spirit” is the final stage in the story. Then I suppose that the town, the school, and even my house will sequentially get destroyed.

My father will probably weep over the lawn he’s tended to for tens of years, but I hope he will be able to endure it.

In this world, nothing takes priority over Ryuuga’s circumstances.

(It’s likely that the one who saved the world hundreds of years ago was Ryuuga’s ancestor. Perhaps the heroines’ ancestors were there as well.)

The “Dragon King” within Ryuuga is a guardian deity that has been handed down for generations in the Hinomori household. That’s what I heard based on my eavesdropping.

In other words, Ryuuga was “special” since the point of his birth.

Furthermore, the apostles made a return precisely when he inherited the “Dragon King,” so it can be said “the Hinomori household is notably special.”

The protagonist’s power is really something. After all, it’s what Ryuuga holds.

…As an aside, if the final boss destroys my home, we’ll have to renovate it. It seems that our Kobayashi household will have to inherit loans for generations.

In order to not cause such a disaster, I have to do my best to support Ryuuga.


Anyways, this is the general overview of what I’ve found.

There are still many unclear things, but I think I’ll temporarily halt my investigation here.

In the end, Ryuuga, the heroines, and the opponents are all battle pros. Me not being aware of this up until now is close to a miracle. Thinking about it, I’ve been crossing a very dangerous bridge.

(With this information, I can prevent making another blunder from now on. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll devote myself to being the carefree perverted friend once again.)

However…something happened as I was about to finish up my investigation one day.

I went and made a blunder.

And what I mean by that is I completely messed up.

──My peeping of the battles was revealed to Ryuuga and the others.

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