HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 30

The Making Of A Broken Character Part 8

Ruri was at a loss for words.

Higure―was being completely toyed around with.

―What is that? Is it even possible for a human such movements…?

Ruri’s visual acuity could not capture his movement at all.

All she can see is that after he does something, Higure would grimace in pain as he spewed out blood.

From the beginning, Ruri had mastered ancient martial arts to the maximum level.

As such, her eyes could perceive the behaviors of someones movements and muscles, seeing things the moment before they switch attacks.

However, she could not see the process of his attacks at all, only the result of such attacks.

Fundamentally, speed is part of physical ability, and in other words means that it belongs to the category of the attack stat.

She had originally thought that his attack power had reached its max limit, and that he had combined skills together to reach a power of 100,000―but now she has no clue for an estimate for his attack power.


It was an overwhelmingly one-sided game.

For her and others, Higure’s absolute defense was horrifying, but for that man it was thinner than paper armor.

However…she thought.

He was using the skill Soul Eater.

It was a forbidden art that draws out strength in exchange for a burden on the soul and the body.

By pulling out such a power…it’s likely that things won’t end up peaceful in life for him.

―Is…is there anything I can do? Something that can reduce his burden even if just a little…

The boy and Ruri were unfamiliar with each other.

Even so, he was inflicting agony upon himself by using the Soul Eater skill, and is currently trying to help Ruri out.


There was nothing Ruri could do.

The level of the battle has already progressed beyond the realms of Alszard’s capable knowledge, reaching to an area that even a god wouldn’t even be able to expect.

For her who was only in the range of the max limits―she couldn’t do anything to the extent that it would reach an area that a god wouldn’t expect.

Suddenly, the image of the demon lord, Natasha Erigaul, popped into her mind.

―If I had that much power…I could be able to provide backing for him.

While tightly biting her lips, Ruri could only watch the events of the battle play out as she was struck by a sense of powerlessness.




“C’mon, Higure. I don’t have much time to spare either. Can I strike you now?”

Higure prayed to god in his mind.

―I beg of you…my absolute defense…with the points I’ve allocated…please exceed this guy’s attack power…

He assumed that―since he surpassed the max limits, there wouldn’t be a single person able to oppose him.

The absolute defense that was absolutely invincible.

That was his identity, his reason for being.

However, the man in front of him, dealing a backhand blow from what can be considered a light swing―broke through his absolute defense.

Just as easy as a kicking down a sand castle made by a child in a sandbox.

It was too far out of the norm―in front of him stood the absolute strongest.

Although his head could understand it, his mind would not admit it.

So, Higure did his best to act tough.

“Alas, I’ve cast all of my bonus points into stamina―with this you cannot lay a scratch on―”

In the middle of his words, Yuuki’s backfist swung into Higure’s nose again.


Crushing his nose, blood spewed out at an unprecedented force.

His heart broke down.

In that moment, Higure understood everything in a true sense.

It was like a flea going against a lion.

It was like an ant facing against a tank.

It was like comparing the firepower of a BB gun to a nuclear weapon.

Indeed, he realized that they were people on completely different dimensions.

Higure had perfectly understood the strength difference between himself and the man- he had arrived at an overwhelming hopelessness.

“Higure? Is it alright to end this with a game over right here?”

With his words, Yuuki brandished his fists.

Up until now, his attacks had mainly consisted of backhand blows, using only the end of his arm. It was only an attack akin to a slap.

Even with the body blow that attacked 30 Higures at once, there was not much strength visibly put into it.

That man was brandishing his fist.

He was already twisting his body…as if to convey that he was about to throw a right-handed fastball using his utmost power.

Higure trembled in fear at that aura- the aura akin to a professional baseball player who was about to throw a ball with all they had.

―Sorry, this might sting a bit.

Feeling the clear scent of death, he couldn’t stop trembling.

―I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m-gonna-die-I’m-gonna-die-I’m-gonna-die-I’M-GONNA-DIE-I’M-GONNA-DIE-I’M-GONNA-DIE!

“Wait, wait, waitwaitwait!”

“What is it, you nuisance? Hiding something up your sleeve still?”

“I’m telling you to waaaaait!!! Are you really going to kill me?! Murder? You can’t be serious!”

Tears were starting to spill out of Higure’s eyes.

His nose was running and he was pleading like a child.

Taking a deep sigh, Yuuki asked Higure a question,

“The people you’ve killed so far- don’t you think they had the same feelings that you have right now?”

“They were all just trash heaps! My power makes me different from them!”

“I see. Going by that logic, you’re just a trash heap in front of me. So…how exactly did you treat those people?”

Higure solidified for a short while.

There was a flame behind within Yuuki’s eyes, he was quiet but his blood was certainly boiling- it was a raging blue flame.

―No matter what I do―this guy won’t forgive me.

He could punctually understand that, but the only thing Higure could do was beg for mercy.

“Wait, then how about this? I’ll learn my lesson with this matter. I understand the pain of these people now. I won’t kill anyone anymore, I won’t do anything cruel…I’ll use my power for the people.”

“Have you really reflected on yourself?”

Higure’s ears twitched upon those words.

It seemed like the man in front of him stirred with a sense of justice. Well, if that’s the case then he basically had a very naive personality.

Well…all he could do was exploit this.

“I’ve done quite some things up until now. This power…seems to have driven me mad.”

“You really―aren’t going to commit any more crimes?”

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about why I’ve been doing such things, oddly enough.”

With those words, Yuuki loosened his resolve to attack. Higure’s eyes went round.

Then, he was put into thought.

―This is―quite surprising! Somehow things managed to turn out like this…

He made an earnest face, shedding tears while making a face as if he was reflecting.

“I’m serious…I’ve made grave errors. It’s as if I’ve befallen to an evil spirit. Why I’ve made such blunders…I do not even understand myself.”

While sticking out his tongue inside his mind, Higure thought,

―I’ll just get out of here somehow and ask the Noranouk king to summon a greater amount of heroes from Earth.

Summon on the scale of thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands of people, and force them all to kill each other.

If he harvests all of the points from that―he just might be able to to surpass this man in front of him.

“I realized that…I hold a vast amount of power…and that I really should have used it to help people. If you can…can you please give my a chance?”

Yuuki gave a gentle smile.

“Is that so? It seems like you’ve reformed…Looks like I have no choice…I’ll forgive you.”


However, Yuuki added more,

“That is, if you can withstand this attack.”

Again, as if he was going to throw a right-handed fastball, Yuuki twisted his back to the maximum degree, and readied himself.

Higure turned pale.

“Just so you know, the power I’ve been attacking you with up until this point―was less than one ten-thousandth of when I get serious. Actually, it wouldn’t be that good to overestimate, now would it? It may have really been less than one trillionth, or perhaps even smaller.”

Then, Yuuki continued,

“However, this time I’m going to give you a serious blow.”

Higure’s expression cramped up.

―W, with that kind of blow, even the entire country of Chile could vanish!

While becoming half-crazed, Higure cried out with an incoherent moan,


Yuuki took a breath and addressed Higure with a loud voice,

“Well then, player. It seems this is the critical moment. I’ll really let you off if you can withstand this.”

Then, he continued,

“It’s an absolute defense, is it not? Show me―that you can endure this!”

Higure showed signs of hyperventilating on the spot.

Dread, horror, dismay, panic, despair, defeat.

He could not hold back on his overflowing emotions of fear.

There was nothing he could do…realizing his imminent death, he closed his eyes where he was.

In that moment―




An unpleasant sound came from Yuuki’s back.

Immediately, Yuuki’s face was warped with pain.

To dish out his right-handed fastball, he had readied himself in a certain manner.

Yes, he twisted his back in order to ready himself.


Saitou Yuuki, age 17.

He was facing the greatest crisis in his entire history.

The greatest shock since he had come out of his mother’s womb.

His brain let out its highest danger signal in the form of a pain which had never experienced before.

Ultimately―Yuuki’s back, in an unprecedented scale, had gone through a moment of relapse.

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