The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v3 Chapter 2 Part 3

We were in the collective chief’s residence.

As we were sitting, the collective chief across from us said a word of thanks.

“The collective chief gives you all her gratitude.”

Marie acted bashful.

“Your gratitude is appreciated, I guess. If you could prepare treasure or something valuable, I’d be delighted.”

Anjie silently glared at Marie.

“We didn’t do anything. On the contrary, you lost the historical ruins. You shouldn’t be thanking us.”

The collective chief shook her head.

“The collective chief is relieved that we were fortunate enough to have the old demon lord’s wrath only amount to this much.”

──Again with the demon lord.

Livia spoke to the collective chief.

“E, excuse me! This is off-topic, but what is a mixed one? Yumeria called herself that, and Kyle seems to be acting strange about it, so what does it mean?”

Marie openly made a displeased face towards Livia, who seemed worried about Kyle.

“I’d prefer if you didn’t meddle in the affairs of someone’s exclusive servant.”

“B, but, we can’t ignore this matter. Kyle’s attitude isn’t normal.”

Yeah, he’s definitely not normal.

When I looked at the collective chief’s spokeswoman, she cast her eyes downward while answering.

“You know that for elves, beauty is judged by magic, right?”

Jilk had proudly boasted about his knowledge of that.

As I nodded my head, she continued explaining.

“Magical power is unique to each individual. It’s difficult to explain to others, but it’s judged as a color. However, there are rare cases where some are born with a magical power with multiple colors mixed in.”

It’s not something we really comprehended, but it seems that’s what elves consider ugly.

“The magic such people use is strong and unique. However, we can’t help but feel disgusted. These people are called mixed ones within the collective.”

Does that mean they can use different magic than normal?

If the elves as a whole feel disgusted by mixed ones──then it can’t be helped.

It’s probably some instinctive repulsion or something like that.

“In addition, Kyle’s mother, Yumeria, left the collective for a period of time and used magic to act like a travelling entertainer. During that period, she made a child with a human male.”

Anjie’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I’ve heard rumors of this. A half-elf, right? So they do exist.”

The female elf nodded.

“The situation with half-elves is complicated. The fact that half-elves are born is an undeniable problem for males working away from home.”

Elven slaves are bought at high prices to serve as exclusive servants.

One of the reasons why they’re well-received is that they can’t have children while with humans.

Women would hesitate to buy a slave otherwise, even if the chance of such a thing happening was small.

Or would they?

I feel that some wouldn’t hesitate.

Rather, they would buy them for that exact thrill.

What a cruel world this is indeed.

“S, so that’s why he said that he was a half-elf.”

Ignoring Marie, who was breaking into a cold sweat for some reason, I put the conversation to a close.

“So you’re saying that the mother and child are considered burdens in the collective. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Leon, don’t just close the conversation like that!”

Livia criticized me, but there’s not much we can do.

“Poking our noses into the affairs of the other households isn’t going to fix anything. We now know why Kyle hates this island, so it’s fine, isn’t it? Saying “stop feeling disgusted,” to the elves isn’t going to resolve the matter of Yumeria, so we have no other choice than to leave this matter alone.”

In response to my words, the spokeswoman hung her head as if she was about to cry.

“I suppose that’s true. This is something you wouldn’t be able to solve.”

The collective chief spoke to the spokeswoman.

“The collective chief will tell everyone’s fortunes. She says that this is a token of her gratitude.”

The residence was plainer than the village chief’s, and there were few objects. It didn’t seem like its resident was living luxuriously.

The collective chief’s gratitude, was it? I’ll accept it.

“Now then, first is the saint.”

“A fortune? I’m listening. Tell me something good.”

This girl really does have a big attitude.

Seeing her interest in the divination reminded me of my younger sister, who would check her horoscope every morning.

“It seems you’re under a curious fate. Furthermore, you’ve passed by your fated partner.”

“Who’s my fated partner?!”

“That is unknown, but it appears that you’ve already come across that person. It’s said that if you break off relations with that person, you will never be together again. Furthemore──”


“You cannot run away from the burden you carry. A hard life awaits you. It seems that you have only two paths, to either gain everything or lose everything.”

Marie left her mouth agape for a short while, gradually getting angrier.

“Redo! I need a redo!”

“Now then, next is the black-haired one──”

“Listen to me!”

The silent Hertrude listened to her fortune while seeming uninterested.

“The collective chief says that at some point, your life’s turning point will be accompanied by great difficulty.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Furthermore, you will meet your fated partner during that hardship. If you can walk together with that person, a light will shine on your difficult path and you will find a reliable support.”

“I, I see. Well, I’ll keep that in mind.”

The girl seemed just a tad bit delighted.

I suppose she was happy to hear about a fated partner.

I’m envious that such things can delight her.

“Next is you.”


Anjie, who looked a little eager, seemed different from usual, which was cute.

──I suppose fortune-telling is good every once in a while.

The spokeswoman seemed a bit perplexed after hearing the collective chief’s words.

“W, what is it? Tell me. I’m starting to feel uneasy.”

The spokeswoman spoke upon Anjie urging her.

“It seems that you and the one over there are protected by a hero, accompanied by the old demon lord. It’s unknown if you’ve already come across them or if you’ll meet them in the future.”


Anjie tilted her head to the side while Livia seemed a little confused.

“Such people appear in tales told to young boys. However, I haven’t come across such a grand person yet.”

“Same for me. I mean, who’s the demon lord?”

“If you don’t know, then I don’t know either, Anjie.”

The two talked to each other about it, but it seemed that they didn’t know anyone who would be that hero.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Again──there’s that demon lord. She’s the one who’s been talking about the old demon lord’s wrath, right?

Could it be that? Did the collective chief use up all of her strength already? The village chief did say that her accuracy had diminished, right?

Actually, if there’s a hero, then show up already.

Save this otome game world right now.

While we’re at it, save me too. I’m serious, someone help me.

“If the collective chief is tired, then how about we just call it a day?”

The spokeswoman stopped me.

“I, it’s fine. Err, we will proceed with those two together.”

Perhaps this person also thinks that something’s strange.

Amidst the odd atmosphere, we listened.

“You two have fates that are intertwined in a complex way, ones that are far deviate from what they normally should be. Furthermore, you are carrying a burden that should normally belong to someone else.”

Livia was puzzled.

“U, um, I suppose I did receive help when I needed it.”

“Indeed. The both of you have something to rely on.”

Anjie turned towards me.

“W, well, I received support many times though.”

The spokeswoman was troubled.

“It appears that it’s too complicated for even the collective chief to see into. However, it seems that she can see that you two are in the vicinity of a hero’s protection.”

Both Anjie and Livia glanced at me.

“Hero, you say?”

“Could it be that the hero──”

Noticing their glances, I denied their suspicions, naturally.

“No, it’s not me.”

Marie and Hertrude were both peeved and angry.

“Obviously not. You’re just a mob.”

“How pretentious.”

Them bluntly saying it made me furious.

While thinking about such things, Livia asked the collective chief a request in a voice louder than usual.

“Um──please look into Leon’s fortune as well!”

Anjie did the same.

“P, please. Wouldn’t he feel left out if you didn’t look into his fortune? It’s not like I’m interested or anything, but this is something that everyone should have a part in!”

The collective chief looked at me.

“Collective Chief, if you’re tired, then it’s fine for you to rest. Even if you look at my fortune, it won’t be interesting.”

The collective chief straightened herself in front of me.

She spoke to me in a quiet voice.

Though her voice was hoarse, she seemed delighted.

──Don’t push yourself, old lady. Doesn’t it make this look like I’m doing something bad?

“Thank you for saving the ‘Fan Collective’. You seem to be a very kind one.”

Marie’s and Hertrude’s eyes widened in surprise towards the collective chief’s words.

──Do they have a complaint or something? I don’t mean to boast, but I am quite the kind man.

Leaving that aside, this is the first time I heard the name of this collective, Fan.

“My divinations cannot see into your future. However, one day──you will lose something important──harsh──the──」

What she told me was the worst kind of thing to hear.

I whispered in a hushed voice.

“C, Collective Chief? E, err, I’d like another go at that fortune~──”

When I earnestly requested for another divination, the collective chief remained silent.

“Huh? Collective Chief?”

The spokeswoman supported the collective chief.

“It seems that she’s fatigued. She has fallen asleep.”

I stood up and grabbed the collective chief’s shoulders.

“Wait! I beg of you, open your eyes! Please, tell me! Don’t just say something ominous like that and then fall asleep!”

Anjie and Livia pulled me away from the collective chief.

“Leon, how about we end this?”

“Treating an elderly person with disrespect is a big ‘no!'”

I know that, but I don’t want to accept what I heard.

I will not accept it!

Marie and Hertrude looked at me and snickered in delight.

“Serves you right.”

“Indeed. How pitiful.”

Marie and Hertrude grinned while calling me pathetic.

I already knew from the beginning that Marie was like this, but it seems that Hertrude indeed has a wicked nature too.

“I don’t want this! I demand a redo!”

Luxon, who had been silently listening, muttered something in displeasure.

[You seem quite dissatisfied despite saying that you didn’t believe in fortune-telling.]

“You’re being noisy! Nobody would want this kind of fortune!”

This isn’t a mere matter of whether my fortune sounds cool or not.

For the sake of living my life in ease, I won’t accept this fortune!

I mean, I’ll lose something important? Like what?!

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