The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v3 Illustrations


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These are the general B&W illustrations, spoil yourself at your own risk



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112 thoughts on “The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v3 Illustrations”

  1. Mary need a redemption if she know that her brother reincarnated anf he is leon from the start

    1. But I would rather like it if the two brother and sister reconcile. I wonder if the colored illustration is for Leon and Mary in their previous life.

      1. It was proven in the flashbacks that despite the strange relationship between them,it certainly didn’t contain an ounce of hostility.His sister being rotten to the core force him to play that otome game for what reason?Nothing harmful if i remember and here our mc who despise his sister who blackmailed him still played with her tricks rather than forcefully burning that damned game.Sure our mc might hate his bitchy sister but thats only on a level between brother and sister

        1. whoa there, this from the same author of Seven you know? do you really expect it to be a happy sibling relationship? I mean she disses him in his monologue a lot and she seem has no qualms at all and she blames him for her miserable life even though she is the reason for his death and even though they do reconcile it will her sucking up on him cause he has the fortune

          1. Should I spoil ? Should I not ?

            Mary is actually kind of brocon and she want his brother attention.
            Leon will not pay attention to her unless when she cause trouble
            and Leon will always cover for her.

            1. I hope so too, This author maybe really hate the BigBrother-LilSister Relationship (truly so awful story so far), but the change of pace like that is really lit and heartwarming

        2. Actually it was harmful for him. She lied and said those yaoi collection was his and an already disappointed mother thought worse of him and treated him worse. I understand wanting her a redemption arc and kinda want it too but she gets no sympathy from me when she gets her karma

          1. She seems to have suffered more than him in her previous life except for the one time overworking thing causing his death after falling somewhere accidentally

            1. she suffered because she expect everyone gonna spoiled her instead putting effort for her own life. it the result of her own choice. even after reincarnated here, she put all the blame to her brother and other and still learn nothing from her previous life. she the type who wont regret their choice of action until they in front of death door. I’ll say she rotten to the core and should suffer more.

              her brother dead from falling the stair after tired playing that otome game because she force him to play that game and expect him to finish it before she back from beach.

              1. In all fairness, Leon COULD have just told her to go screw herself. It was always an option. Sure, then his sister wouldn’t have copped to that stupid yaoi collection being hers, but it was an easy way out of an utterly pointless and aggravating task. In a sense, Leon died because he spoiled his sister rotten, and could never say no when she wanted something.

                Still her fault ultimately, but…………if Leon didn’t always cave to her and cover for her when she fucked up, then she probably wouldn’t have ended up the way she did. Her life also wouldn’t have fallen to pieces the second he died and was no longer around to protect her from reality, as well.

                Tl;dr? She’s a scummy person, who believes that everything in life should be handed to her and that the world should revolve around her…….BUT, if her big brother didn’t put up with her attention-seeking bullshit, she wouldn’t be such a spoiled brat who can’t take responsibility for her own actions.

                1. except he not. the family trust her more than MC because how she act in front of other include their parent. it their parent who spoil her. while MC can tell her sister to fck off, MC still care about his position/good name in their family, that why he play along with her demand in exchange to solve the missunderstanding about that yaoi collection.

                  I reread V1 prologue and there no line where it saying MC spoil her since kids or for long time, the only shit he need to put up other than her personality was playing that otome game. there no line saying her sister already make him do multiple demands in exchange to clear the missunderstanding so I didnt see where you can say MC spoil her.

                  1. He can tell his parents: “You are believing I am gay and reading yaoi manga? So what?”
                    By the way, before his death he just foung himself stupid by not emailing evidence of his sister wrongdoing earlier.

        3. so you think destroy someone reputation socially for their own gain not harmful? sure it stop to forcing playing otome game because MC dead after that. but after how she acted, how rotten her self monologue and how she not learn a single damn thing from her fault in previous life, even if MC not dead she gonna leech him and make his life suffering in japan. but yeah that not harmful for MC because there no hostility there.

          1. she doesn’t destroy her brother’s social reputation for her own gain though, it’s only between him and his parents, so this is actually your usual prankish brother-sister relationship.
            she actually loves her brother, and her brother actually likes being depended on, just like in the illustrations above where he helps her after she’s hurting herself in the past.

  2. Thanks for the image of light novel. But please tell me at least this before you start back translate it, did Leon marriage both of them or what!? Please tell me Yes or No. 😲

    1. Last time I check WN raw for LN v3 he got engaged to both of them due to a scheme from Duke Family..

          1. Spoiler
            Did he not also get Kyle’s mom as a servant as well? Also it kinda seems like they shortened the story and skipped some events here.

  3. Oh noes I see a poor loli about to be deceived by a wicked Marie.

    But I like the dresses of Angie and Livia. And so we wait with bated breath.

  4. Wait a minute…. They married? Considering image of angie and livia in a door with heart … Does it mean yuriyuri? (Come on, i think leon wont have anough courage to propose them…)
    There is also red eyed girl and eyes things… Is there any vampire in this novel?

    1. Maybe she is sister of principality princes from second volume…aside from the boob, considering same black hair and red eyes she is also bring magic flute

      1. Girl with flute probably principality princess from volume 2 as marquis? and other government idiots thought principality weak due to losing to students so to show off power made her a student at the school. Other girl probably little sister who’s the backup flute user although will have to read to know for sure.

    2. Spoiler

      There’s no yuri here on this novel despite having potential for it. The 120 heart is a device to activate another ship with the ‘power of love’. That 120 is the love both girls have for Leon according to the device.


  5. This is good, this is greatness, so many faces i cant recognize, marie what is up with the captured princess? what about the elf? and livia image there, what? what the heck, im intrigued, love to see more of this tho, plenty of thanks to this TL to brighten me up

  6. I thought I would have forgotten a lot about the storyline because there was a long gap. But seems like I like this novel more than I thought.

    1. Spoiler
      if i remember correctly, she is Deidre from volume 2 when principality attacked liner with students. She was verbally abused by Leon when he want to force all students to fight back. She retorded back when Leon bedmouthed all of othem which help Leon with his plan.
      Also, I’he heard that she had much less role in WN, so i really loooking forward to what happend next.

  7. I know this is presumptuous of me but we hope that you can also post the part 1 of the prologue

    1. Ah, the “Oh ho ho!”. Beloved mannerism of drill ojou-sama’s everywhere………..and Freeza too, but he’s allowed to do it because he’s Freeza. 😉

  8. So a short break is a month for you, and a few days before translating is one day? 2slow2late, You sure have a funny sense of time XD.

    If you’d kindly, take as much time as you need with the next few chapters. Thank you for your work.

  9. Welcome back and thanks for the illustrations.
    I don’t remember who is the red eyes pigtailed girl next to the flute princess. Did she appeared in the wn or a new character?

  10. Welcome back!

    And sorry if this is annoying but does anyone mind posting a recap of what happened in V2? It’s been a while, I tried going back to the translations but I have a really shit memory and dont really want to re-read it again :p

    1. If I remind you how it ended, will that be enough? There was the battle on the airship, Leon and Luxon rescued Angie/kidnapped Hertrude, the enemy’s princess. Olivia showed some Saint powers. Fought the Black Knight (veteran/hero). Got promoted (HA!). Marie got that holy artifact from the dungeon, and pressured the church into stealing one that Leon had (which he allowed, because he thought he could still get the dungeon one). Any of this jogging your memory?

  11. Welcome back, translator. Hopefully will be seeing your work more often.

    Crap, that sounded more haughty than I had in mind, but I couldn’t phrase it better(?)…

    1. Spoiler
      it’s been teased once but until the latest raw, there’s no progress, in elven village all the girl (Angie, Livia, Marie and the flute princess) receive a fortune telling, for the flute princess, it’s said she has met her prince and her happiness in life all depend on whether she can join him or not, but after the war, she simply gone from the storyline never being mentioned anymore even once, even after the 3rd arc

      while her sister, the big boobed one, died in the war as sacrifice, and considering the illustration here where marie protecting her when she look soo depressed, look like her sister fate had no change even in LN version

  12. I was wondering if in the image of anjie and 2 other girls. Is the middle one Deidre, most people are referring to her as Deidre but I remember that there was a panel in V2 illustrations of anjie and Deidre facing each other, and there she looked completely different. Is my memory jumbled or what

  13. Do you mind using Japanese honorific instead of using Western honorific or not at all. It felt weird to read fans TL using Western honorific

    1. As far as translation goes. As an English speaker I rate this highly as something you could actually have published and reviewed well. It’s by far a very accurate and well done translation. Adding japanese honorifics would just ruin it.

  14. Welcome back desu~

    Ho ho ho… isn’t that Deidre? She looks exactly like what i imagine her to be, so i hope she become part of the harem. I like her mischievousness after all.

  15. Woah .. From the past the comments on this novel were very crowded.
    And is only my feeling wrong if the quality of the illustration slightly decreases?
    Btw, thanks for the update !!

  16. Guys, anyone who could help me. I can’t log in with my wordpress account in this website.

  17. Soo, when is the release of the first chapter? I’m dying to read this, but I am willing to wait.

  18. is there a link to the web novel edition. i hate waiting. and it seems like alot of peoples are so much farther ahead

  19. Do, am I the only one who thought the villaness on the cover art a d Deidre were mesmerizing and beautiful? I am not sure about the personality and Ethics of the former, but I hope that she is not as bad as the low class nobles

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