Announcement: Happy New Years


Movement and Menu Controls:
Movement- Arrow Keys
Z- Confirm/Action
X- Back/Open Menu
Shift (Hold)- Sprint

Movement:Depends on option selected
Menu Controls:
Single Finger Tap- Select Menu Option
Two Finger Tap- Go Back

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18 thoughts on “Announcement: Happy New Years”

  1. Happy new year!!!! Hope this year better than last year, well i guess i will wait other played the game, I cant play right now.

  2. happy new year everyone…and very entertaining game,funny introduction,easy gameplay,too many easter egg/parody,etc…especially when the cat introduction himself as stark suckenberg and use data collection move,that was very hilarious…

  3. My computer seems to have a compatibility issue as either game screen doesn’t load or crashes when step outside.

  4. OMG… I played for 2hrs + without saving on mobile. Then my fat fingers accidentally pressed the back button… my progress… NOOOOO i want to see the announcement T.T

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