The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v2 Chapter 1 Part 3

Anjie’s body was trembling from anger.

She stepped forward and shoved away the girl that was trampling on Leon.

“Hold it, what do you think you’re doing?!”

As Anjie glared at her, a girl staggered while having her exclusive servant support her.

Leon looked up, and Anjie spoke before he could stop her.

“What bad attitudes for guests. How about going home?”

When Anjie arrived, the surrounding girls were troubled, but the girl she had shoved away was smiling.

She wasn’t frightened in front of Anjie, the daughter of a duke household.

“Well, if it isn’t Anjelica, the one who his Highness Julian terminated his engagement with. What’s with that getup? Are you not embarrassed as the daughter of a noble household?”

Anjie resisted the urge to click her tongue.

(The daughter of an earl household, was it? Furthermore, someone from an opposing faction──how troublesome.)

Not only was the earl daughter unfriendly towards Anjie, but was part of a hostile faction.

“What’s with that expression? Did you perhaps think that I would be afraid of you? Too bad! Right now, you’re like a──”

Thereupon, Livia stood in front of Anjie.

“Please stop this already! First you’re cruel towards Leon, and now towards Anjie──go home already!”

Anjie looked at Livia’s face.

“Livia, you──”

However, a vein appeared on the other party’s forehead.

“──Don’t you think you’re getting carried away, lowly commoner?”


Livia took a step back towards those words.

“Do you think your opinion matters? Does it give you a peace of mind to get cocky? Do you plan on being a noble? Do you think that you hold the same status as us just because you’re Anjie’s cute little pet?”


Livia made a very astonished face.

Anjie thought about how problematic this matter was.

“That’s as far as you’ll go. I will not tolerate anything above this.”

However, the girl didn’t keep silent. She went on to talk about Anjie’s affairs.

“Did you draw closer to a commoner because your friends left you? How miserable for a duke daughter. Didn’t you say something to us at a party before in the past? You said that commoners were just numbers on a statistic. Doesn’t that mean you don’t really care much about commoners?”

Livia slowly turned towards Anjie.

“Anjie, you──”

“I, it’s not what you think. I──”

Perhaps thinking that seeing the two in a panic was a humorous sight, the girl continued.

“Commoners are not people! Do you not understand your position one bit? Everyone’s only keeping silent because you’re with a heap of trash for a knight, who only accomplished small deeds, and a duke daughter. People like you──”

Thereupon, a low voice resounded within the room.

“Shut that gaping hole you call a mouth.”

──It was Leon.

The earl daughter glared at Leon.

“To think that you have the nerve to get cocky. Do you know what it means to make an enemy of an earl household?”

The girl made a signal with her eyes towards her exclusive servants. The servants trampled down on Leon’s head.

“Hmph, how conceited. Milady, it seems like some thorough discipline is necessary for this man.”

The exclusive servants gathered together and looked down on Leon while smirking.

Watching attentively, Milaine raised her voice while thinking about what transpired so far.

“This has gone for long enough! I can’t watch anymore.”

Everyone’s attention gathered towards Milaine, and the girl who had been glaring at Anjie made an irritated face. The expression she made towards Milaine was not one that someone would make towards the queen of their country.

“What’s your problem, old woman?”

“O, old?!”

Anjie wanted to hold her hand over her head.

(Does this person not know the face of her own queen? Though, I suppose that this isn’t really a place where someone would expect her to show up at.)

Despite being an earl daughter, the girl’s status was modest.

She was someone who rose in status, so to speak. However, she did not rise from performing deeds, like Leon did.

She appeared to be a girl who didn’t make any appearances in the royal palace, didn’t learn manners through apprenticeship, and didn’t come to know Milaine’s face.

Although Anjie was about to warn Milaine, the queen endured it while her cheek twitched.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that just now. All of you should finish paying and then leave. Aren’t you all still students at the academy? No actually, aren’t you all ashamed as nobles?!”

The girls in the cafe laughed scornfully towards Milaine’s words.

They did not intend to stop in face of this person before them.

“Huh? Don’t get carried away. Do you know who I am? I’m the daughter of the Olfery earl household. Know your position! Someone throw out this old woman.”

Once the girl ordered her exclusive servants to do so, the demi-humans surrounded Milaine.

Anjie was reaching the limits of her patience.

“All of you. Do you realize who you’re──”

Upon which, Leon’s face entered her field of view.

When he looked at Milaine and Anjie, his face gradually grew into a smile. At first he was surprised, but perhaps realizing the situation, he then seemed like he was going to have fun. His smile formed a crescent shaped like the moon, as did his eyes.

It was as if he was proclaiming that justice was going to be served.

(N, not good. Why does it have to be in this place──)

When Anjie noticed it, Leon kicked one of the servants surrounding Milaine and sent the fellow flying.

Leon strengthened his body using magic and went for an all-out attack, one that could blow away the tough body of demi-humans.

“Have a safe flight, idiot~!”

Not only the demi-humans, but the girls, Daniel, and Raymond were also astonished at his behavior.

Livia made an expression that seemed as if she didn’t know what was going on anymore.

Daniel shouted.

“A, are you an idiot?! If you lay a hand on someone’s exclusive servant──”

“It’s fine! You all should be delighted. It’s time for a fun party to begin!”

Normally, the reason why boys wouldn’t attack servants was because the girls would start hating them. Just that one reason. It was due to this that the exclusive servants were protected.

However, in this situation, Leon had an excuse to act as he did.

Leon knew the face of the queen.

He saw the face of Milaine, the queen, when he went through the title-bestowing ceremony. Furthermore, after considering how she was standing by Anjie’s side, he was convinced that she was the queen.

“Go to hell!”

Leon swung both of his hands downwards, like a hammer, onto another demi-human, thrusting his victim onto the the hard floor.

It seemed like he didn’t have an ounce of mercy.

The next demi-human who tried to subdue him was similarly thrown onto the floor.

Leon had beaten down three people in an instant, and then appeared in front of Milaine, as if to protect her.

“Restrain yourselves, servants! Know who this person that you’re facing is! She is the queen of the Holfault Kingdom──Milaine! Bow down before her, you haughty lot!”

This time, it was Leon who was smiling towards the earl daughter, the one who had trampled down on him, and the others. He had revealed Milaine’s true identity.

Milaine was bewildered.

“Huh? What? How?”

When seeing how troubled Milaine seemed, Anjie covered her face with both of her hands.

“Leon──you just had to say it.”

He had ruined her intentions of traveling incognito. He had beaten up the servants for the queen, and then tried to get the girls to bow down.

Leon intimidated the girls.

“All of you, prepare yourselves! You will have to accept what’s coming to you in order to make up for laying a hand on the queen! Don’t think that you will suffer no consequences just because you’re the daughter of an earl household!”

Having used the queen as a pretext for his actions, Leon laughed loudly. The girls stood still and didn’t move while their mouths kept opening and closing. Their faces grew pale.

Milaine grabbed Leon’s arm.

“Leon, wait. I was travelling incognito. I can’t cause an uproar in a place like this! So calm down. You’re a good child, after all. Right?”

It was a strange sight seeing an agitated Milaine trying to calm down Leon.

However, Leon didn’t listen to her.

His eyes conveyed eagerness, perhaps from the excitement.

“I’ll leave the decision to you, my queen. I, Leon, am ready to take the lead when it is time to punish these people. Now then, give the orders! Perhaps you could put their entire family to death in order to cut the problem by its roots! I await your decree! I, Leon Fou Baltfault, will do my best to defeat your opponents! To destroy them, obliterate them!”

“I said that’s enough!”

Milaine had teary eyes. Anjie sighed.

(He’s quite excited about this. I can only imagine what he has been through up until now.)

Many of the girls in the cafe who tried to harass Leon were now trembling while casting their eyes downward.

Leon’s clothes were tattered.

There were signs that he had been thrusted onto the floor many times, and the top of the table was quite dirty as well.

There was a mountain of broken porcelain in the trash can.

They had entered the cafe to get revenge on Leon.

Milaine had planned to do something similar, but she didn’t know that the girls in the academy where already going above and beyond what she was going to do, and was taken aback by it.

Leon made a loud laughter when an excuse for him to beat up the girls appeared.

“Justice will be served! I’ll trample over your homes with Arroganz!”

Milaine clung to Leon with teary eyes.

“I’m begging you, stop. I was in the wrong, forgive me!”

Livia hung her head and had a weeping face within the overly intense situation.

In addition, Daniel and Raymond had appeared from the kitchen and tied up the servants.

Furthermore, they were smiling.

“You tried to start a fight with the queen. That’s a no-no.”

“Definitely a must-not. It’s like what Leon said, right? Justice will be served.”

The two smiled while thinking about what they should do towards the exclusive servants who would normally look down on the boys.

(This is getting out of control. ──I need someone’s help.)

Anjie didn’t know how she could resolve the situation by herself, and was about to ask someone else for help.

Thereupon, she looked at Livia’s face and also hung her head.

(How should I speak with Livia? I, I made Livia──)

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