The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v2 Illustrations

TLN: Okay, so I talked with bakapervert (the aforementioned translator from previous announcements), and he suggested that I continue translating while he offers me help on phrases/sentences I’m stuck on. I figured that was a good enough compromise (I continue translating while feeling more confident about the accuracy), so we’re back in business now. Yeah I know, that was quick.


Click the arrows to see the illustrations

These illustrations are from the inside covers



These are the general B&W illustrations, spoil yourself at your own risk



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124 thoughts on “The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v2 Illustrations”

  1. Thank Christ you’re continuing. You don’t know how much hair I’d lose if this went over to some rather unscrupulous individuals.

    1. Err @2slow2late do you have a Patreon? Not talking about for extra chaps, but if we wanna show some support cause we like your work?

    1. Nobu-san was dropped, Power in the Shadows enters a coma every few months, and Death Mage has slowed to a crawl. I’m in the same boat and THIS is the novel I feel like I can look forward to most days.

      1. Death Mage take’s forever now, I remember when chapters would get pumped out like clock-work, Plus the person translating it makes quite a bit of cash from it too

  2. I just woke up
    And this announcement just made my day!

    Thank you very much TL!

    * May RNGesus bless you TL Bakapervert! *

  3. i just read your conversation in his site when i was done reading with the his latest translation release. he really is a cool and nice guy

    1. So, no one else will comment on those nice sets of oppai on both Livia and Anjie? My god, they were great, and their undergarments only managed to accentuate their nice figures. Now, I can see why Livia was able to compete with Anjie in the original story, but my god, I am hoping for Leon to realize that he can always chose polygamy as a marriage option.

  4. Oh My Gawd… you went to BakaPervert!? That guy’s like one of the best TL’s I know! Oh, I approve of what you two talked about. Trust me, you may learn a lot from that guy. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be happy that you’re continuing instead of surprised about that baka. THANKS FOR CONTINUING ON!!!

  5. Yay!! this is one of the few remaining Jp novels that i read
    glad to see that it ain’t going to be stuck in pick up hell

  6. I was actually happy when i heard that bakapervert might take over the translation because i also like your other project “Is it tough being a friend”
    i guess that’fine to, thanks for the translation.

  7. I think that bakapervert has a lot on his plate already, although I’m impressed to see that he was willing to take on yet another project. Thank you for trying your best to keep him from being buried.

  8. I know we all said we would support you no matter what but to be honest we really hoped you would stay translating so thank you very much and I hope you’ll be with us for a long time

  9. Thank you so much for picking it again. this is the best thing I heard within 5 months ( trully, no exaggeration ).

  10. Huzzah! We’re back in business!

    Still, when is Ichirou coming back, we got cliffhangered bad.

    Love you as always,

  11. Thanks for picking this again.
    Look at that illustrations, I don’t know why livia and angelica sleep together in underwear but i believe Luxon has a data for that. And look at Leon face with money he’s really enjoying being a villain

    1. He said that he regret taking the student’s money when he won the bet….
      … but that’s not the face of regret.

      I like this m.c. I mean, he’s not the protagonist so he can act like this. Right?

    2. *looks at Leon’s face in the illustrations*……….Soooooooo, we all agree that Leon seems like a complete protagonist, right? I can only imagine how scummy his face looked during the duel against those otome game capture targets…..Hahahhahaha *eyebrow twitches with cold sweat*

  12. Hai, thank you for keeping on keeping, may fortune be with your translations and glad to be on board with you through this story.

    *formal dogeza

  13. Thanks for the illustrations~

    Also, I’m glad you’re continuing this. Getting help from Bakaperv is a good move.

    1. do not worry now we just have to wait to for chapter to appear because this will be continued so the real question is who is this new girl and if she gone join harem of “friends”

  14. I just have a feeling that if you really put your mind into it you could make a novel that makes the reader go through some pretty quick roller coaster of emotions XD

    Also I’m thankful as the other readers for continuing because I actually enjoy the novel and your work~

  15. Decided to post for the first time, Glad to see that you are sticking to the series mate. I appreciate all the time you spend on translating this series and you have a beloved community who fully support you doing this wonderful work. Keep at it and best of luck!

    Mr. Bear

  16. Sigh.. you’ve just shaved my 15 years life spans cuz of worrying… well, since you will continue this novel, guess it’s worth those life spans
    Anyway, thanks for the illustration ya~
    Oh and those picture are the facts that this story will ended up as harem right? Maybe one my previous question already got answer today…

  17. This is the best news I heard today, god bless you guys. This series is liquid gold and it would be a shame if it got dropped like other great isekai mangas. I bet most people know which series I am talking about.

  18. thank for the back, although i already read your writing about the reason you want to quit but if you not sure about your translate speed is slow or not check the JNovel website and check they release you will see compare to you they still already slow than you in a single book some book i read from them have to wait for 4 month for 1 vol and the fastest book took nearly 2 month the speed you do actually fast or i say too fast (1 part for day lol )

  19. Glad too see you back, you’re clearly one of the most dedicated TL I’ve ever seen. Bakapervert is an excellent TL, it’s good to see him participating in this project.
    Btw, on the cover I thought Leon was gonne get hit by a ball, until I realized it was Luxon LMAO

  20. Thanks for sticking with this! Also your speed is pretty good compared to others. Some take a whole month between chapters due to too many projects at the same time. Agonizing as it is to say keep your physical and mental health as first priority even if it takes longer to get a translation out. If need more time just say so.

  21. Thank you!!! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
    just want to xpress gratefulness as one of many others who read this.

    MC looks like an evildoer without Livia or Anjie.

  22. What’d with the kimonos? And they go to a shrine? Oh wait, this is the world of an otome game. Of course they exist(even though it doesn’t make sense, which makes it more hilarious).

  23. This is amazing news! Thank you so much for continuing this. This series brings me joy every time you release a new chapter. And with your collaboration, I expect I’ll be even happier hahaha.

  24. I’ve never commented before but Im glad you’re continuing with the TL. You are one best WN/LN translator I’ve seen and even with mtl it is still good. So dont be hard on yourself and the others reader and I will give your our full support.

  25. Can anyone translate the character names and text by their pics from the character illustration page? That way will know what they look like when introduced. Thought Jilk was Chris pic at first until finally mentioned Jilk has long green hair. Wonder who slovenly Leon lookalike is. Thought might be Leon at first but Leon always looked neat with jacket closed and wouldn’t look greedy at a pile of bills. Guess will find out along with braided girl who thinks can get away with sneering at Angie.

  26. Thanks for continuing. You can even consider this an opportunity to learn japanese. Reading alongside a translation is one of the best ways to learn a language as long as you can keep yourself excited. (learning the words just in romaji will probably be much easier than learning thousands of kanji though)

  27. I have been checking back everyday, when is the new update going to come? I thought you were going to work on update speed?

  28. Spoiler
    For the images, I imagine that the reincarnated sister acquires the objects that the Saint had to obtain to be recognized, then, SHE WILL BE THE HOLY ONE? !! I DO NOT WANT!!! It would be terrible!

  29. Ouhhh damn
    Lookin at last picture, it’s seem our flat chest last boss demon lord Marie already got the three holy item, neckle, bracelet and the staff.
    It seems we will suffer cliffhanger in waiting vol 3

    Ohh poor Olivia, what will happen to you

  30. Does anyone know who is who in the character pics? Like is the butler Leon’s tea sensei, Cara in the middle and the bright woman at the end the queen? Thanks

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