Announcement: Happy Thanksgiving


Movement- Arrow Keys
Z- Confirm/Action
X- Back/Open Menu
Shift (Hold)- Sprint

Movement-Depends on option selected
Menu Controls-
Single Finger Tap- Select Menu Option
Two Finger Tap- Go Back

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        1. Yeah, I tried adapting it to mobile, but it was definitely meant for desktop. You can swap between on-screen d-pad or touch controls. However, either way, menus have to be navigated with single-tap to confirm and two finger-tap to go back (due to engine limitations).

  1. Can anyone give me a clue on the secret/true ending? The bird is asking me if I have the goods, how do I find said goods? totally lost hahaha

  2. That was interesting, didn’t expect the switch or the extra items. Will have to try to finish it later though.

    Thanks for chapter and the extra entertainment.

  3. At this current point in time, it seems that nobody has reached the final section of the game. Or at least, nobody has filled out the survey at the end yet.

      1. I’ll be more direct this time since it has been a couple of days already. After you beat the quiz show the first time, you’ll receive a message about activating a code in the 4D printer (you seem to have gotten there already). Entering that code will unlock a harder mode for the quiz, and you have to beat the quiz again after entering that code to see the truer ending.

  4. Just finished the survey. Kinda glad I just threw away 4 hours of my life into the game. Hope ya`ll have a happy thanksgiving

  5. At first I thought this game was similar to the Japanese horror game like corpse party where there is a huge mystery and mass death around and puzzle as well but it turned out to be a rpg game lol
    Still love that there is some mix factor of those genres

    1. Remember the room with the jail cell and the orb at the top demanding a piece for a sacrifice? Talk to it again and will offer chess piece up.

  6. like 6 hour to do the whole thing. it was fun. the only thing i let go is the fact that i mightve missed something with the picaxe and the flower and bear hug.

  7. It was a good game. Although putting a survey at the end of a couple hours of gameplay is kinda weird.
    And since this is about Thanksgiving, thanks for translating.

  8. I’m stuck. Got the key card from the cat, traded the cash for a doll, got the token from the flame, found a frozen dinner and got card from computer. What do I do next?

      1. Thanks! Is there a cheat code, the doll keeps whomping me at basketball. ;( Also, the basketball was a limited edition, rare vintage, autographed by the Harlem Globe Trotters and worth millions until I broke it.

  9. I finished all the endings however, what the heck is the use for the second ending? It said it enabled the quiz thing but I still had to take the quiz when I got to the chicken and bear.

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